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Jasmine x Esmeralda :iconnight130:Night130 5 1 Blur 000149 :iconnight130:Night130 0 2 Cinderella x Kida :iconnight130:Night130 0 0 Tifa//Final Fantasy :iconnight130:Night130 2 4 Korra :iconnight130:Night130 4 0 Meg/Megara :iconnight130:Night130 3 3 Little Mermaid: Ariel :iconnight130:Night130 4 0 Tahno: Go for it! :iconnight130:Night130 8 0 Black Rock Shooter :iconnight130:Night130 3 0 Oga Tatsumi: Beelzebub :iconnight130:Night130 33 1 Oga x Kunieda: Beelzebub :iconnight130:Night130 52 11 Reina :D :iconnight130:Night130 2 5 Lelouch and Suzaku:Code Geass :iconnight130:Night130 1 6 Mamoru :iconnight130:Night130 1 3 Aki Yano :iconnight130:Night130 3 2 Hedeki REDONE :iconnight130:Night130 1 2


I see fire :iconrositabluemoon:Rositabluemoon 6 11 Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish :iconkelogsloops:kelogsloops 3,005 239
Purple guy/Springtrap x Reader :.Prologue.:
"(Y/N), wake up it's time for breakfast!" Your mother says happily throwing your very warm covers off your frail body.
You are (Y/N), a 18 year old girl who sleeps soundly like a man and hates mornings. You are a natural beauty who likes to keep to herself.
You groan at the sudden loss of heat and open your eyes slightly, they widen once you realize your mother was right in your face giving you the 'googly eyes.' You gasped at first but then grew annoyed at your mother. She was such a morning person, that mother of yours.
"C'mon, I made my special chocolate, strawberry waffles!" She says swishing her high ponytail in excitement. Your mother had chocolate brown hair and vibrant blue eyes and that resemble the ocean water. She was wearing her usual pink teddy bear robe with matching slippers.
"I'll be there in a moment!" You said, you hurry to the bathroom and did your daily routine. Once that was out of the way you rushed down the stairs hoping there was some delicious waffles left for
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 45 17
My Hate, My Love (Levi X Reader) ~Oneshot~
esNote: This is when Levi was younger and was just starting his cadet days. I haven’t read the side story yet, so there will be A LOT of mistakes. Please forgive me!!!!
Levi’s POV
I hated her with a passion. That stupid, good-for-nothing squad leader named _______. I hated her laugh, her looks, her smile, everything. She had to be the most annoying person to ever “grace” the face of this Earth with her presence.
I just had to be put into her care.
It was right after Erwin put me into the cadet training camp. Just to be on the safe side, he assigned one of the squad leaders he trusted to watch over me. He didn’t want me to get into fights with the other cadets, cause trouble, or run away. So I was put under the care of ________. Apparently Erwin trusted her with his own life. I couldn’t see for one second what could make a man trust that idiot.
“Levi, this is ________. She’s a squad leader and also a dear friend of mine. She’l
:iconotakuforthewin:OtakuForTheWin 461 352
Mature content
Aomine Daiki x Reader: Doki Doki (10) :iconsaucydoll:SaucyDoll 97 63
Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] (13)
       You titled your head at the shadow in utter confusion. Your mind didn't want to process his statement at all, making you believe nothing of what he was saying. The shadow chuckled at your reaction and stretched out his shadowy arm towards your head. "W-Wait!" You snapped out of your confusion but it was too late as the shadow version of Bonnie's fingers grazed against your forehead and your mind went blank.
      'My body feels a bit ... hazy,' You commented in your mind. Whatever you though of didn't make any sense. In front of you were two golden figures, the same golden bear and the younger version of Springtrap as you would like to call him. Both of them were laughing and performing in front of a crowd of kids, the same ones as before. You tried to move towards them but your body glitched out before returning to n
:iconinsanityespeon:Insanityespeon 66 20
Rise of the Fallen - Part 11 (BuckyxReaderxSteve)
Rise of the Fallen - part 11
The moment Bucky had said those words, all the lights in the room fell out. Bucky could hear footsteps behind him, but he didn’t know whether those belonged to the people already in the room, or to you.
‘Don’t worry,’ Tony cried out. ‘The back-up generator should kick in… right… now…’
The lights blinked on again, revealing a black shadow running through the room. You took out Fury and Tony first, throwing them into the wall. They fell to the floor and tried moving again, but didn’t have the strength anymore.
‘Bucky!’ Steve yelled. ‘We have to take her out. She clearly doesn’t remember who we are.’
You smiled, looking over your shoulder and seeing the two friends standing on opposite sides of the room.
‘You think you can stop me?’ you scoffed, turning around, taking the guns from the back of your pants. While you walked in their direction you starte
:iconsavrom:savrom 216 122
durarara :iconzeileeaang:zeileeaang 2,840 143 We always watches you :iconkamik91:Kamik91 1,904 104 We Have a Place for Him :iconkamik91:Kamik91 1,717 100 The puppet :iconkamik91:Kamik91 2,036 170 Fazbear's Fright Page 10 :iconlappystel:Lappystel 348 60 The Bite of '87 :iconraisedbythevillains:RaisedbytheVillains 681 86
Kagami Taiga x Left-handed Reader (Tutoring)
Lifting a piece of fruit to your lips with your chopsticks, you sweep your eyes across the book in your right hand. Listening idly as your friend Riko chats about the Seirin basketball team. Going on and on she catches your attention when she mentions your crushes name, Kagami Taiga.  Eyes widening, you briefly life your gaze tuning into the conversation, flushing bright red when you feel Riko’s knowing gaze on your face.  
“Ahh [Name]-chan NOW you listen.” She comments wearing a smirk. Face bright you mumble out an apology, “Gomenasai Riko-chan.”  
Giggling she flaps her hand at you, “It’s okay,” Riko grins. Marking your place in your book, you close it tucking it away. Exchanging idle conversation, you zone out staring at a spot behind Riko’s head. Hearing grunting from across the cafeteria you list your gaze trying to find that irritating noise.
“DAMMIT!” A familiar fluster
:iconsweetjeans:sweetjeans 455 86
Angel with Painter-P22 :icondelucat:DeluCat 483 110 BloodyPainter story Comic-Pag.22 :icondelucat:DeluCat 184 13



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